Joe's Pub

I’ve been a drummer since I was seven, but I am intoxicated by the way bass lets me blend rhythm and harmony. Bassically, I’m a sucker for low frequencies. Fortunately for me, Leela, my partner in life and crime, enjoys having me be a one-man rhythm section for the beautiful songs she channels. I’m a lucky man!

I loved playing with gospel/house ensemble MoonCandy when I lived in the Bay Area. What a joy!

In 2014, I played bass on my boarding-school classmate Madi Das’s Bhakti Without Borders; a year later, it was nominated for a Grammy in the Best New Age category.

Occasionally, I have returned to spiritual music in the Gaudiya-Vaishnav tradition I know best, accompanying devotional singers such as Jai Uttal, Karnamrita, the Mayapuris, Donna De Lory, David Estes, Wah, and another boarding-school buddy, Gaura Vani, on bass or percussion.

I had a blast playing on this track from the Mayapuris’ 2019 album Nine Islands.

This set of bootlegs from a 2010 Australian kirtan tour with the Mayapuris and Gaura Vani continues to be one of the most popular playlists on my Soundcloud page.

I feel blessed that I continue to be offered many opportunities to express myself as a bass player. Thanks for listening!

Got a gig you think I’d dig? Hit me up!